Reflex Hammers


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These Reflex Hammers (Queens,Troemner, Rabiner, Dergine, Taylor, Berliner, Buck) Physiotherapy/Medical/Examination Tool Is hand crafted with professional and the highest grade stainless steel and quality materials.

The Queen’s are designed to perform reflex tests with minimal effort and greater patient comfort. Rubberized HeadBlack with silver finish. Made with a balanced and weighted head, diameter 2 1/8″, 1/2″ thickness.

The Buck, Dejerine and Queen’s Hammers include a removable needle and brush making it a 3-in-1 tool.

Available in models and in sizes 6″ to 12″ It’s intended purpose is for medical professionals but also is suitable for student and at home use as well.

Lightweight design and Fully Reusable. CE approved.

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YSupply inc. is a Canada based FAMILY company with a fulfillment center in Montreal. Meaning all our products are quality checked, with love and attention to detail before dispatch.

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Berliner, Buck+ Needle & Brush, Dergine, Dergine+ Needle, Queen’s, Taylor, Troemner


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