Mirror Handles

Mirror Handles

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These Dental Mirror Handles come in differnt styles of non-slip grip. They are the handles which attach to the mirror. (Mirror not included) Made With Profesional/Surgical Stainless Steel. Designed To Be Both Lightweight and Slim. For Surgical, Biological Laboratory, Dental Laboratory, Dentistry Professional And/Or Medical/Dental Student Use. Product is Fully Autoclavable, and Sterile. CE MARK Approved.

All products will be shipped to us from one of the UKs leading Surgical/Beauty/Veterinary Instrument manufacturers, YNRⓒ Instruments ltd . Please email me if you require personal branding/white-labeling for your business/brand.

YSupply inc. is a Canada based FAMILY company with a fulfillment center in Montreal. Meaning all our products are quality checked, with love and attention to detail before dispatch.

Email yasin@ysupply.ca to request customer orders or for any questions.

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Pack of 12, Pack of 6, Set of 12, Set of 6


3 Hole Purple, 3 Hole RYB, 3 Hole Watermelon, 3 Ring Stainless Painted A, Angled Square, Apical fig 2 1223 = fig19, Apical fig 3 1224 = fig18, Apical fig 4 1225 = fig11, Backhaus, Ball & Socket, Bien fig 1 1202, Bien fig 2 1203, Bien fig 4 1206, Black Handle, Black Handle A, Black Handle B, Blue, Blue Handle, Blunt, Castroviejo: Micro Curved, Castroviejo: Micro Straight, Cheetah, Couplan fig 1 1228, Couplan fig 2 1229, Couplan fig 3, Crayer fig 27 1812 = fig 1, Crile: Curved Blunt, Crile: Curved Pointy, Crile: Straight Blunt, Crile: Straight Pointy, Crochet Hair Extension Tool, Curved, Curved: Blunt, Curved: Pointy/Blunt, Curved: Pointy/Pointy, Design A, Design B, Design C, Double Ended (Gripped), Double Ended (Reg.), Double Ended 27/27S, Double Ended Type A, Double Ended Type B, Double Ended Type C, Double Ended Type D, Double Ended Type E, Double Ended Type F, Double Ended Type G, Double Ended Type H, Double Ended Type I, Double Ended Type J, Double Ended Type K, Double Ended Type L, Double Ended Type M, Double Ended Type O, Double Ended Type P, Double Ended Type Q, Double Ended Type R, Double Ended Type S, Double Ended Type U, Double Ended Type V, Double Ended Type W, Double Ended Type X, Double Ended Type Y, Double Ended Type Z, Extra, Fashenshock, Full Set, FULL SET (Best Value), German, Gold Handle, Goldman Fox Preimum, Green, Ivory, Jones, Kelly: Curved Blunt, Kelly: Straight Blunt, Lady Bug, Lefty A, Lefty B, Lefty C, Lessmann, Lorna, Mathieu, Micro Ring Pulling Hoop A, Micro Ring Pulling Hoop B, Micro: Curved Blunt, Micro: Curved Pointy, Micro: Straight Blunt, Micro: Straight Pointy, Model: 11C Curved/Straight, Model: 12C Curved, Model: 13C Straight, Mosquito : Straight Blunt, MOSQUITO: Micro, Orange, Painted A, Painted B, Painted C, Painted D, Pink, Pink Camo, Pink With Comb, Plastic, Polished, Premium Black, Purple, Red Handle, Regular, Ring Stainless Painted, Round, Set (1 Blue + 2 Mini Pink,Green), Smiley, Spratt Brun, Stainless, Stainless A, Stainless B, Stainless C, Stainless D, Stainless E, Stainless F, Stainless G, Stainless H, Stainless J, Stainless k, Stainless Lefty, Stainless Steel (Reg.), Stainless Steel 2 in 1, Stainless Steel A, Stainless Steel B, Stainless Steel C, Stainless Steel Type A, Stainless Steel Type B, Stainless Thin + Pointy Tip, Stainless With Handle (Blue), Stainless With Handle (Brown), Stainless With Handle (Chocolate), Stainless With Handle (Maroon), Standard, Straight, Straight: Blunt, Straight: Pointy/Blunt, Straight: Pointy/Pointy, TC MAYO, Torque, Type 300M, Type 301M, Type 33 L, Type 33 S, Type 67 Upper, Type 91, Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D, Type E, Type F, Type G, Type H, Type I, Type J, Type K, Type L, Type M, Type N, Type O, Type P, Type Q, Type R, Type S, Type T, V-Shaped, Wide, Y, Zeebra


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