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We provide high-quality medical, dental and beauty
supplies at unmatched clearance prices.

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Learn About Our Journey

Like a lot of people in these horn-mad times of COVID-19 I was locked down at home

BUT instead of binge watching netflix and engulfing loads of junk food to pass time. I wanted to open up my own business so I thought WHY NOT help those who are putting their lives at risk everyday for us.

I sought to find a way to help doctors/dentists and beauticians. I couldn't psychically go to the doctor's office and help them so I chose to find a way to make their lives easier.

This is how Ysupply was born. I used my resourcefulness to find resources to be able to provide these beautiful souls with inexpensive products. Which formed a family-based supplying company, where all of your products are stored, inspected with attention to detail and shipped with love.

Ysupply inc. is a Canadian Based Company offering quality instruments and supplies at a rate that it almost feels like a gift.

Because quality and price are your priorities, we match the quality of all medical,dental & beauty supplies coming straight from Germany, with even better prices than bulk purchases from Alibaba

My father always told me that when you do ANYTHING, you should do it with love and to do it right the first time… or don’t do it at all!

All of our products will always be top quality and meet all your expectations. They are inspected multiple times to ensure it is done right the first time!

If you can’t find a certain product, send us what you need and we’ll make it just for you As a family company we are always innovating and doing research in the market to better improve and help educate our clients so they are all ahead of the game.In fact since you made it this far, ENTER YOUR EMAIL HERE and I’ll send you free daily insights daily on how to improve your business in almost every aspect.

Thanks for being great and helping the world
Yasin Qureshi